How We Started

Being inspired by Sign Language Honor in a youth organization named Pathfinder when she became a Master Guide (Pathfinder Instructor),  in 2004 Deicy Silvia Wenas had got her first access to Sign Language Honor, a skill being taught in Pathfinder program. As an instructor for this youth organization, she had to learn Sign Language to get the Honor and to be the Sign Language instructor. This led her to be in touch with Deaf Community. Getting along with Deaf people made her realize the social contradiction faced by Deaf people in society. They were healthy but treated as they need to be healed. They’re physically complete but considered handicapped. They were capable people but always labeled as disable people. They were exist but still marginalized in society. Their needs were largely taken for granted in all aspects of life such as health, education, social welfare, even in disaster management. They were often times being misunderstood because of communication barrier. Their language “Bisindo” that came from Deaf culture was not acknowledged as means of communication only because it’s still at early stage of development and needed to improve. This conditions make most of Deaf people were being alienated in society. Therefore in 2014, she decided to found The Unspoken Ministry (TUM) and started doing some affirmative actions for Deaf people by involving Pathfinder youth to be volunteers where they were able to practice the Sign Language skill together with Master Guides club under their Youth Director Mr. Johannis Ronny Wenas. To serve better in its duty and call, The Unspoken Ministry has been legalized by Mr. Dylan Rissky as Head Board of Council and Mr. J. Ronny Wenas as Technical Advisor, Deicy Silvia Wenas as Head Board of Directors and 2 Deaf activists become members Board of Directors; Alex Samuel Tanamal and Vera Maulina Sitorus. TUM has now been legalized under Yayasan Tunas Unggul Mulia (TUM).

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